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Eat Like Nicole Challenge Day Five

February 9, 2019


Fifth day!


Wake-up 6:00 am

Late morning


I was hoping to sleep until 6.


cup of decaffeinated tea, black16 oz of water 


First Workout

8:00 am

38 min Slow and steady run



10:00 am Massage






Meal One

1:30 pm Breakfast Hash and Sausage Kale Soup.  The morning was crazy which meant I was extra hungry





Meal Two

6:30 pm  More Soup





8:30 pm work meeting.

Although this looks impressive ...I only had 3 small mason jars of tequila 


Meal Four 

9:30 I wanted to get another meal in before the end of my fast


Today was a day of temptation, but my daughter scheduled my cheat for tomorrow night.  I did enjoy a very small amount of tequila.  I also declined fresh chinese food takeout and fresh baked cookies in my house. If I wasn't staying accountable to the challenge, I probably would not have been so disciplined.   


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