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Eat Like Nicole Challenge Day One

February 5, 2019

First day!


Wake-up 4:45 am

I started my new meal plan the day after the Super-bowl.  My alarm went off at 4:45am because some of our members do not care about the Patriots. Currently, I am intermittent fasting which means I only eat for 8 hours in a day.  I like to skip breakfast.



1 cup of decaffeinated tea, black

16 oz of water 

I reused the tea bag multiple times to stay warm while I trained clients.


First Workout

Trained all morning with a 25 minute HIIT workout on a treadmill in between sessions. 


First Meal

1:00 pm Breakfast Hash and 2 pieces of sugar free bacon and turmeric tea





15 minute nap


Second Workout 

39 Minutes of Strength Training



Acupressure treatment...that felt amazing. I am loving the increased mobility in my knee.  Today John spent the session on my lower half and my legs feel energized.


Second Meal

2:00 Sumo Orange


Third Meal

6:30 pm Butternut Squash Soup


Fourth Meal 

7:30 pm Chicken with roasted vegetables

(prepared the chicken yesterday and roasted it today)

1/2 a large roasted sweet potato


Although, I have worked all day, I feel amazing. I picked up a friend at the airport and was in bed by 11.



Portion size---as much as I needed.  I don't limit the amount I eat during those 8 hours.




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