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New England Apothecary
Pillow Spray $6
Sugar Scrubs $8/10
Essential Oil Roller $10
Cinnamon Lip Balm $4
Lemon Almond Body Souffle $12
Seasonal Cleanse $120
Mocha Clay Mask $12
Lavender Charcoal Epsom Soak $10/6
NEW Wintergreen Muscle Rub $12
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Strassburg Medical
Acupressure Ball $8
Performance Gear
embody Performance Tee $20
Healthy Reads
The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook, Jesse Kropelnicki
Cure, Jo Marchant
In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan
Old Bags, Faith Baum and Lori Petchers
The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington
Young Living Essential Oils
Ask About Other Supplements