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AIS is today's leading functional lifestyle movement system. The  cutting-edge techniques focuses on postural awareness, foundational flexibility, and optimal mobility.

30 and 90 minute sessions available.

Lifestyle Membership Prices

$100 - 60 minutes

Non-Membership Prices

$120 - 60 minutes

Meet The Therapist



David specializes in the practice of active isolated stretching. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a very precise form of therapeutic stretching and corrective exercise that will quickly increase flexibility and joint mobility and correct postural problems.

These simple, functional and precise movements help to reprogram your nervous system which improves the functioning of your brain, releases stress as well as allows recovery from injuries, pain and bolster your immune system.


Flexibility and strength are the best preventive medicine for pain, stress, and injury that you can find today. Flexibility is "not optional" as you age. To prevent stiffness and maintain joint mobility, you should stretch daily for 15-20 minutes, using slow, controlled movements, before or after your exercise program.


Muscle strength can be increased at any age, even in one's 90's, to protect against falls, maintain mobility, prevent new injuries and empower individuals. It is especially important to strengthen the inside and outside muscles of the legs as well as the core to protect the spine and help support the entire body.